Art Walks in Downtown Blacksburg

Art Walks

Downtown Blacksburg Inc. Art Walks take place on the first Friday of the following months each year:
February, April, June, October and December

Art Gallery Shows for October

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Alexander Black House
Local artist Martha Olson's new exhibit “On the Streets Where You Live.”

Martha Olson works with altered papers to create new works of art. She begins by recycling glossy magazine pages that are altered by crumpling, tearing, cutting, and applying a releasing agent to dissolve the ink printed in the paper. Each page produces a one-of-a-kind image and color palette that gets filed and collected. She applies many layers of paper to draw the viewer in for closer inspection, allowing them to discover and experience surprise images and personal interpretations.

“On the Street Where You Live” presents all new original works. This show embodies what one might discover on streets and neighborhoods near and far, real or imagined. “I have always searched for a medium to express the long unspoken artistic language that I knew was a part of me. Altered paper has provided a visual voice releasing memories of silent observation, or life experiences, or a turn of a word or a phrase.” – Martha Olson

The Artful Lawyer
The NRV Through an Artist's Eye Exhibit
A visual tour of the New River Valley as seen through the eyes of 52 local artists!

Art Pannonia
Emily Williamson is the daughter of the late Seth Williamson, beloved NPR announcer and frequent art and music critic.

Emily Williamson is a versatile artist. Her contributions to the visual arts - murals, posters, portraits, book illustrations, T-shirts
and album covers - feature prominently in Floyd and around the NRV. Emily’s reputation as an artist has led to numerous commissions, and that is only in her world of painting. Her talents stretch far beyond the artist’s canvas. A professional belly dancer, an accomplished vocalist singing solos and accompanies singers with her hand drums.

“Behind the Veil” is the title of her show. The exhibition will last until the end of November.

Bollo’s Coffee Shop Gallery
Featuring work from Blind Cat Studio Artists in Floyd
Lore Deighan- painting & print making
Aven Tanner- mixed media

Community Arts Information Office
Gerri Young will present an eclectic mix of subjects rendered in watercolor or acrylic, on paper, canvas or wood panels.
With long-standing family connections to Blacksburg, Gerri Young moved to Blacksburg in 2010 after retiring from 43 years of federal service in Norfolk and Germany. She started seriously working on art in 2010, joined the Blacksburg Regional Art Association, has served as its president for several years and has exhibited in many locations in the area.

Eucalyptus Massage Therapy Gallery
Local artists including Kurt Hoffman & Kara Sherman exhibit new abstract and landscape photography.

Gillie’s Restaurant Gallery
Featuring work from Blind Cat Studio Artists in Floyd
Lore Deighan- painting & print making
Aven Tanner- mixed media

Glade Church Gallery
The BRAA Tuesday Night Art Group presents “CONNECTIONS”
The Tuesday Night Art Group has been meeting in Blacksburg, at various locations and with an evolving membership, for almost thirty years, having begun as a class on innovative painting techniques taught by the late Nadine Allen. Individuals who have attended during the last year, many of whom you’ll see represented here, are new and long-term members Joann Boles, Charlotte Chan, Diana Law Dougherty, Delbert and Johanna Jones, Elina McCartney and Carolina Tallon – a group diverse in age, background and artistic interests.

Main Street Inn
Featured artist- Riley Chan
"Riley has been interested in photography for a long time and with digital Single-Lens-Reflex cameras, he develops his photography in parallel with his wife's exploration of watercolor painting. Now, digital photography has become one of his several art-forms."

Narrative of the Show: Travel

"This theme centers on some travels I did and I think it will fit in a lobby of a hotel since most patrons are travelers. I would like to use these to entice travelers to visit the four corners of the world and construct beautiful memories of their tours.

Anchoring the show are two photos of sunrise and sunset of the Halong Bay in Vietnam, which I spent a night on a boat resplendent with gourmet seafood expertly prepared and decorated, fit for an emperor!

Flanking these are panoramic composites of a gorgeous mustard field in Scotland and a night time reflection of the colorfully lit skyscrapers of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Above and below the panoramas are scenes captured in a beautiful New Zealand, exotic Bhutan under the foothills of the Himalayas and traditional Vietnam. At the corner, this is the place of sheep! And more sheep!"

Matrix Gallery
Featured Artist-Blacksburg Potter David Crane. David has been teaching ceramics at Va Tech since 1980, and we are so pleased to have an extensive showing of his work!

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
Sue Hossack - acrylics, ink wash, watercolor
Angela Kinzie - photography

Mish Mish
The Shift by Robin Scully-Boucher
Mixed Media Works on Paper
The artwork in this exhibit represent some of the daily entries from Robin’s morning contemplative practice of I Ching readings. Her interpretations of the text into drawings and paintings have lead her towards a synthesis and deeper understanding of the spiritual and physical path to be taken. The I Ching is the Chinese Book of Changes and is an ancient book used for divination. The guidance offered allows the mind to focus on visual imagery and storytelling to lead the way to the next place.

Perspective Gallery
"Along the Spice Route" curated by Paula Golden and Ann Reardon, is an exhibit with 40 wall quilts designed and created by 40 artists representing a spice used in contemporary cooking. The beautifully crafted, jewel-like quilts provide insight into the spice country of origin and a glimpse into the diversity of culture which provides us with these culinary necessities.

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